Gypsy Flight
Gypsy Flight is an Original Hard Rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Blending hard edge rhythms with melodic vocal lines,Gypsy Flight delivers Hard Rock music with a modern attitude. Take a listen for yourself to Gypsy Flight and spread the word to Hard Rock enthusiasts all around about Gypsy Flight. Gypsy Flight is Shawna Sommers – Lead Vocals, Karen Alvarez – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, – Eric Piccillo Lead Guitar, Adam Alvarez – Bass/Vocals; – Don Petersen Drums
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Our First Review of Painted Desert:

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Like Melodic Rock bands, Female vocalists are more like charm to the band. DORO, THE RUNAWAYS, FEMALE FATALE, BITCH, such bands represent female Rock N’ Roll passion with a touch of melody. You won’t even want to look back and review them several times just to recognize if they are good or bad. GYPSY FLIGHT is one of such bands which would make you feel like you are at ice in roller coaster ride of fire. Believe it or not, there is nothing like GYPSY FLIGHT out there! With Rock N’ Roll and 80s Hard Rock influenced band, this band can give you good time all alone.Long awaited sophomore album by this melodic San Francisco Rock Quintet. This album delivers as promised a compilation of melodic Hard Rock, with deep meaningful lyrics telling a story of our journey through these days. Punchy, crunchy, Hard Rock!

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Posted by GypsyFlight on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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